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Our Launch, interesting articles, a reflection on Junior Cycle English

Our Launch, interesting articles, a reflection on Junior Cycle English

Our Leaving Cert Lecture Days 20117 Season  for ELEVEN SUBJECTS  is great value

All our teachers love to teach-and it shows in the quality of their brilliant classes. In the subjects we host they tell us how they believe in taking on the Leaving Cert Exam and inspiring students in their subjects; English, Irish, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish, Accounting, Economics and Business.

Each lecture day in each subject lasts 6 hours. That is less than €12 per hour group rate for a first class grind by a superb teacher and leader in their subject.

Let’s compare prices. You know what the others charge!

Here is a comparison as to what you might pay for a weekly grind elsewhere.

We are the BEST – Check the VALUE

Leaving Cert Lecture Days     =  €13.30 per hour (6 hours for €80)
Another 1 –  €900 per year    = €21 per hour  (approx)
Another 2  –  €700 per year   = € 19 per hour (approx)
Another 3 – Private Grind      = €25 -€40 per hour (range)

We offer inspiring and focused  6 hour days for a fraction of the price plus those “INVALUABLE” comprehensive “all you need” revision books included.

That Invaluable Book...

Each year students marvel at the brilliant value given by Leaving Cert Lecture Days…

I really got so much from the great lecture day and then I had that invaluable lecture book to fall back on plus the online resources – you crowd are brilliant.” Cork English student 2015.

We are determined to give authentic value and brilliant classes. We supply detailed and comprehensive notes – each subject comes with an invaluable book (many over 200 pages). For students of English there is an extra resource – we supply comparative notes for over 30 texts on the Comparative Course.

For other students there are online resources on offer. Watch this space..


Reading good articles adds to your knowledge and writing techniques.

Below we post links from time to time to some informative, persuasive, argumentative, narrative and aesthetic articles, stories, reports and extracts.

1.  Article by Leon Wieseltier      Going to Melody

2. Article by staff agencies in The Guardian  Tim Peake returns to Earth on ‘best ride ever’



Declan O’Neill comments on Junior Cycle  revamp


Image from ‘Son of Rambow’

“Up until last year the Junior Cert was an open course, which ironically resulted in slightly tired and limited choices, as the same works were being picked,” says Declan O’Neill, manager of the list process at the NCCA. “The new list will be renewed every few years so that students have opportunities to read texts from exciting new authors.”

The revised Junior Cycle also prioritises engagement with writing across literary and non-literary forms. “It means they’re not just reading and writing short stories, but reports, blogs, accounts, biographies,” says O’Neill. “There’s the oral communication, like interviewing and discussion, then drafting, writing, editing. All of these skills are important to their development.”


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