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Spanish Resources and Links

Spanish Resources

We offer a complete One Day Revision in Leaving Cert Spanish

The Spanish Resources on this page are free. 

Free Teaching Aid for Teaching Spanish in the classroom, for digital use-click the comments on the margin.

Some of these Spanish Resources for the Leaving Cert are external links.
Carolina Fernandez, the Leaving Cert Lecture Days Lecturer, has supplied them.

Do you want to improve your Listening and Reading skills in Spanish?

Clink the link below, it connects to a useful Spanish Resource.
Enjoy watching the famous and 
traditional Spanish Christmas commercial for the lotto. 

And, at the same time, you can practice your reading skills  with the comprehension that follows. 

  1. Ya Hay Lotería de Navidad

2. Sample Resource on essays and diaries. It’s from the lecturer

3. Linking words and phrases for writing essays in Leaving Cert Spanish

Here are two Special New Spanish Resources from our Leaving Cert Lecturer Caroline Fernandez

4. Read the following article and improve your Spanish

5. Click here for a useful handout with vocabulary related to Navidad which will help you in your LEAVING CERTIFICATE

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