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How Photos Changed the World in the 19th Century

How Photos Changed the World in the 19th Century

How photos changed the world

You’ll agree, I hope, that the printing press changed the world. Ever since then, advances in technology have altered how humans behave and relate to each other.
In the 19th century there was a photography revolution.  The new ability publish photographs changed the world  we inhabit in a way similar to the digital revolution in the 20th century.

Would you like to practice responding to this photograph either/or in a discussion with your friends or in a one page written response? It was a promotional photograph to go with the expansion of the railways in the USA two centuries ago.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   How do you think this sepia photograph, from Wikimedia Commons, might have got people thinking?
Analyse the composition-the locomotive and the distribution of people on it- of the photo.
How do you think the photograph might have changed the outlook of those who viewed it?


The next photo was also taken and distributed in the nineteenth century.

Examine both photos and perform the two tasks:
How does this photo of the group in front of the courthouse contrast to the photo of the group of people in front of the locomotive?

Compare how both photos may be used to illustrate the theme of our changing world.

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