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Philip Campion – English

Philip Campion – English

Philip taught Junior and Leaving Cert English in Skerries, Co. Dublin. He has presented his Leaving Certificate Lecture Days since the beginning of this century.  His main goal as a teacher and lecturer is to empower students as learners and as writers. Philip has over 35 years experience of teaching and preparing students for the Leaving Certificate examinations. In his lectures he helps students to develop a sharp appreciation of task; he develops students’ awarenesss of critical reading skills; he sharpens their ability to illustrate effectively from texts. Throughout his lecture day presenatations Philip uses a range of highly stimulating visual materials, offers fresh observations on texts and shows students how to generate ideas, feelings and impressions from texts for ideas. He provides students with the know-how to select suitable quotes in a very structured manner.

Philip’ students regularly achieve high grades, while many have gone on to be teachers, journalists, lecturers and successful entrepreneurs.  For Philip, knowledge casts a light beyond its own shadow.

Philip is co-leader of a team that provides students with the best teaching and the best study notes to enable them to get excellent results in the Leaving Certificate Examinations.

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