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Michael Ruane – Economics

Michael Ruane – Economics

Michael Ruane is the author of the popular, Rapid Revision Economics (Folens). He has a Masters Degree in Economics and has been teaching economics successfully for the past 14 years. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus in the Leaving Cert Economics Exam on current economic issues. No longer is it enough for the “A” or “B” student of economics to simply rely on an economics textbook when preparing for the exam.

In response to this, Michael has written “Economics Now, an up-to-date book that contains all of the facts and figures relating to over 40 current economic issues, topics and statistics. Many of these topics are not covered in textbooks, yet students of Economics are expected to answer questions on these for their exam.

He focuses on certain key topics and explores those in detail, using the latest animations and visual aids to help deepen students’ understanding. He tackles sample questions and the matching marking schemes.

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