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Leaving Cert Spanish HL Revision Day 2019

Revision day for Leaving Cert Spanish Sun March 3 2019

The lecturer is Carolina Fernandez-Garcia, a native Spanish speaker currently teaching Spanish in a secondary school in County Dublin.

Here is a link to one of Carolina’s many language learning aids. Just click here.

Carolina has extensive experience teaching Leaving Cert Spanish at Higher Level and marking the Leaving certificate Examination.
Praise for Carolina in the voices of students who attended her lectures in 2017:

-‘Everything was covered extensively in great detail. I now feel confident I can get a H1’
-‘Majestic teacher, really helpful. I’m jealous of her students’
-‘Put a lot of emphasis on what examiners want from student in Leaving Cert Spanish’
-‘The teacher and booklet were excellent, comprehensive and informative’
-‘Explained each topic in detail. didn’t complicate things’ 
-‘Comprehensive breakdown of each Leaving Cert Spanish topic into manageable segments’

This intensive revision day starts with a breakdown of the marks awarded in the Leaving Cert Higher Spanish exam and an overview of language skills needed for each section.

All the content of the day is contained in a comprehensive book of Revision Notes, which will serve as a vital tool for students to put them in control of preparation for the  exam in June.

Come and See Carolina Fernandes Garcia in  Dublin   in March…see the drop down window to the right.

Click here to view the Spanish course 2019

Carolina holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education in Modern Foreign Languages, a degree in English and English Literature and Spanish language and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. Carolina’s teaching skills have been honed in teaching primary, secondary and third level students.

Carolina has a real passion for teaching Spanish.

I really can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve given and what a fantastic teacher you’ve been throughout my time in school. I couldn’t have gotten that A without your constant dedication and obvious passion for teaching. Thank you for everything! A student of Carolina, 2016.

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