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Leaving Cert Revision Courses: One-Day Preparation  Courses for LC 2019

Enjoy Exam Success while you cut down on Grinds!

Our  Complete Leaving Cert Revision Courses require just one day of your precious time per subject. 6th Year Students who book our courses say they become better learners and improve their exam performance.
Saoirse Pagel of Dominican College D9, who won the gold medal  for the top mark in Ireland for the Leaving Cert Biology Exam 2016, emailed Leaving Cert Lecture Days as follows: “The Leaving Cert revision day I attended earlier this year was definitely a huge help and I used the notes booklet in the run-up to the exam as it often provided an easier explanation to certain topics”.

Think of the savings you can make with us, both in time and money!
Our aim is to  enable and inspire you, the learner, to understand  the syllabus and maximise your success in the Leaving Cert Exam 2018.
Our lecturers are excellent secondary school teachers and Leaving Cert examiners with wide experience and expertise in their chosen fields, including up to Chief Advisor Examination Level.

The Lecturers engage with the student audience and encourage feedback during lectures.
We are very proud to have teachers of such a high calibre, who care about your success and who believe you should enjoy achieving highly in your subjects.
One Leaving Cert Lecture Day will put you in  control of your revising for the subject. We believe in opening your minds to real learning and critical thinking.
All our lecturers provide a current ‘Lecture and Revision Book’ (up to 200 A4 pages in some subjects, minimum 120 pages) to accompany their lively, entertaining and highly focused lectures.

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