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Leaving Cert Physics HL Revision Days March 2020

 Come to our Leaving Cert Physics Revision Day and gain a much improved understanding of even the most difficult questions!

♦What is so unique about our Leaving Cert Physics Revision Day? What does it deliver for you?

A. You get fully focused exam preparation in one day for all sections of the exam paper. Plus, you take away a unique 160 page revision book that shows you how to tackle the questions and puts YOU in control of your Leaving Cert Revision.
♦The Physics Revision Day gives you the know-how to manage your exam preparation, without further expenditure of money or time on expensive courses at Easter.
♦In our celebrated Leaving Cert Physics Revision Day programme, we concentrate on the key topics within the subject.  The lecturer is the teacher and author Tom Tierney.  ♦Tom will help you break down the Leaving Cert Physics course in a manageable way (see below).
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Guided Revision

Not all areas of the Leaving cert course are equal. Some are relatively straightforward and attract generous marks, whereas others are very challenging but form only a small part of the exam.
We guide students in identifying the areas where they can most efficiently spend their time coming up to the summer.

In our first session, we concentrate on Section A.
This is worth 30% and focuses on the 24 mandatory experiments. It does so in a style that is both manageable and fair, and yet many students underperform here. We work our way through all the experiments and feature a number of fully worked out Leaving Cert questions to illustrate to students what is expected of them.

qM4YCThroughout the day, we divide our time between the various Leaving Cert topics: Mechanics, Waves (including light and sound), Heat, Electricity and Modern Physics.
We concentrate on the more important material in each topic and see how it has turned up in section B questions in the past, and how students can best prepare for this year’s paper.

To do so we use a blend of practical demonstrations, computerised animations and powerpoint presentations. For each section we look at past questions, and have a detailed look at marking schemes. Many students lose marks on material that they have studied and understand, mainly because they don’t know what the examiners are looking for. We teach them how to avoid these pitfalls, and how to get a fair mark for the work they have done.

The Invaluable Book

Our Book of notes offer a comprehensive analysis of the physics course and the exam. They go through each of the experiments and, in a point-by-point layout, explain what is expected in each area of the course.
In a key section area, we highlight the relatively manageable material that is worth up to 55% of the marks. This includes a guide to key definitions, demonstration experiments and derivations.

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