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Leaving Cert Irish HL Revision Day

Leaving Cert Irish  HL Revision Day

The Leaving Cert Irish Lecture day enhances both ORAL and WRITTEN exam preparation. 

A Saturday or Sunday spent listening to Michael Ruane speaking Irish and revising every aspect of the course should have any student in prime readiness for the Orals as well as the Written!

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Michael Ruane is the lecturer for the HL Leaving Cert Irish lectures.

Michael Ruane has been teaching Higher Level Irish at Leaving Certificate level for 17 years. He is also the author of “Gaeilge na hArdteiste” – a comprehensive booklet of notes for Leaving Certificate Irish Higher Level students that is only available to those who attend his Irish revision course.

What can students expect from the Leaving Cert Irish Revision Day?

This Irish Leaving Cert HL Revision Day is especially beneficial for students who struggle with Grammar (particularly Verbs). Secondly it benefits those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of preparation necessary for the written paper.
Kathleen Devlin, who attended Michael’s Irish Leaving Cert HL Preparation Day at Trinity College reviewed the the lecture day. She wrote back to us:
‘The class was relaxed and while it was intensive Micheál Ruane added a lot of variety to keep the class focused. He kept the same pace throughout.The notes and work on grammar was second to none . Micheál’s knowledge of the subject and love for teaching was very clear’.

 The Revision Day has 5 main sections:

Grammar and Reading Comprehensions
The first session covers essential Irish grammar – mainly the saorbhriathar followed by the léamhthuiscintí [reading comprehensions].
We go through all the possible grammar questions that could be asked for Q. 6 a, followed by a one size fits all approach to dealing with Q. 6b.

An Aiste
Michael takes you through the top 30 spelling and grammar mistakes and then works through one important “aiste” – “Géarchéim na dTeifeach” [the refugee crisis]. The Revision Book also contains the notes required for writing other essays such as “sceimhlitheoireacht”, “daoine gan dídean”, and “bulaíocht”.

Poetry and Prose
Michael will cover stories and poems on the course including “Mo Ghrá-sa, Géibheann, An Spáilpín Fánach, Dís, Hurlamaboc, and an Lasair Choille”. While it will not be possible to deal with the other stories and poems on the day, Full Notes will be provided in the revision book.

An Triail
In addition, one lecture covers the drama, “An Triail”  with the focus on the characters in the drama and an introduction and conclusion that suit almost all questions on this.
The oral will be dealt with, with a particular focus on the sraith pictiúr. Michael goes through common vocabulary and phrases that can be used in all the sraith pictiúr, thereby saving students many hours of study.

Irish Lecture DayLeaving certificate higher level Irish students can become overwhelmed with the amount of notes they are required to learn for all the various aspects of the course. The aim of the course is not to add to this burden. Rather, it cuts through the textbooks and provides students with exactly what they need in order to achieve success.

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