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Leaving Cert French HL Revision Day 2019

Preparation and Revision day for Leaving Cert French

Susan Ducie teacher from Our Lady’s College Greenhills Drogheda strongly complimented lecturer Declan Webb , succinctly putting it: ‘Our students were impressed’

This intensive Leaving Cert French revision day starts with a breakdown of the marks awarded in the Leaving Cert Higher French exam and an overview of language skills needed for each section.

“All went very well today…really well organised and ran very smoothly…Inspirational.” Maureen Dineen French Teacher Rosscarbery.

All the content of the day is contained in a comprehensive book of Leaving Cert French Revision Notes, which will serve as a vital tool for students to put them in control of preparation for the  exam in June.

The 2019 programme will follow the successful 2018 programme of the day.
Click here to view the French HL course 2018

9.15 – 10.15 Covers all the major tenses in French. A complete overview of French grammar for Leaving Cert purposes.

10.15 – 10.50 We then do the smaller trickier aspects of grammar – adjectives, adverbs, the gender of nouns, pronouns, le négatif and other elements needed for the exam.

11.10 – 11.30 Listening Comprehension – We look at key vocabulary and mention many practical tips to improve your mark while doing an exam.

11.30 – 12.30 Oral 1 – Sample answers, list common mistakes which prevent students from achieving high  Leaving Cert Frencymarks, examine pronunciation difficulties and other methods and tricks to improve oral production.

13.30 – 14.00  Oral 2 – Conversation tips and Le Document

14.00 – 15.05 Reading Comprehensions and Written Production – all the little link words in French and how they can prevent text comprehension. Text manipulation is also an important feature of this section.

15.05 – 16.10 Written Production, we  examine the most common mistakes students make. We do ‘word for word’ translations The major topic areas are covered, le Journal Intime, l’email, les thèmes abstraits, etc.

16.10 – 16.30 Final Exam Tips


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