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HL Leaving Cert Economics Revision Days 2020

Higher Level Leaving Cert Economics  Revision Day 2020

Our  Leaving Cert Economics Revision package consists of three elements. These are the lecture day, the book ‘Economics Now’ and access to updates on Edmodo after the lecture day.

The Lecturer

Michael Ruane is the highly experienced Lecturer who presents these impressive Leaving Cert Economics days. He is the author of the popular Folens revision book, Rapid Revision Economics. He has been teaching Leaving Cert Economics for 18 years.

In recent years, there has been an increasing focus in the Leaving Cert Economics Exam on current economic issues. So it is longer  enough for the “H1” or “H2” student of economics to simply rely on a long serving economics textbook. Instead, analysis of current issues is vital preparation for the exam. Michael writes this analysis very clearly in “Economics Now” and tailors the content for the Leaving Cert Economics exam.

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More on the invaluable Book, ‘Economics Now’ 2020

It is a completely up-to-date Leaving Cert Economics book. For it contains all of the facts and figures relating to over 50 current Leaving Cert economic topics.  Most of these topics are not covered in textbooks. Yet students of economics have to answer questions on these for their exam. For example take bond yields on government debt, Brexit, unemployment figures for 2017/2018, implications of central bank limits on mortgage lending, implications of changes made in Budget 2018 etc.

Each student that attends his course gets a copy of Michael’s up-to-date booklet. It is highly sought after by both teachers and students alike. However, availability is exclusive to those who attend the course.

The revision day itself consists of 4 main parts.

The Government

The morning session deals with all the issues relating to the Government  such as Budget 2019, Dirt, Vat, Usc, Paye, Property Tax, Privatisation, Public Sector Pay, Sugar Tax, Social Welfare, National Debt, Bond Yields, Third Level Tuition Fees.

The Banks

·      After break, the 2nd part of the day deals with the banks –Bank Regulation, Role Of Central Bank,
Role Of The Ecb, Inflation, Deflation, Interest Rates, Quantitative Easing, Exchange Rates.

Elasticity  and Market Structures

In the session after lunch, Michael will deal with exam questions and one market structure

Current Economic Issues and Variables

              Then, the main afternoon session covers economic variables including Employment, Unemployment, Economic Growth And National Income Statistics, Minimum Pricing Of Alcohol, Minimum Wage, Brexit, Weak Sterling, Corporation Tax (Apple)


·       Finally, the day concludes with microeconomics – with focus on an exam question

Online Support in Economics from Michael

All students who attend his course will get full access to Michael’s EDMODO page. There he posts video clips, news reports, and statistics that are relevant to students of economics. Michael updates this Edmodo page regularly between the lecture day and the week of the exam in June. In this way you can be sure that you have the most current information and are fully prepared on the day of the exam.

This course is also ideal for the many students of Leaving Certificate Economics who teach themselves economics without the guidance of a teacher.

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