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Leaving Cert HL Chemistry

Managing the Leaving Cert Chemistry Challenges

Our successful Chemistry Lectures for Chemistry have now been completed

Click here for a free sample resource on Radioactivity you can download.

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Stephanie Ledwith ensures that her students understand all the core concepts in preparation for the Leaving Cert exam.
The lecture day and book provide clarity, outlines a coherent study plan and demonstrates the learning content required for H1 in the exam in June.
The major focus of the lecture day:
-exam strategy
-exam timing
-advice on the essentials for effective revision

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♦The Leaving Cert Chemistry Preparation Day is a Revision and Learning day like no other. Why?  The lecturer, Stephanie Ledwith, uses unique teaching methods to simplify many of the difficult concepts.  Thus students learn easily with the help of simple rules, rhymes and analogies.

♦This intensive one-day course provides students with clear and concise preparation. Thus, they will be well able to tackle the Leaving Cert Chemistry exam. So, the focus is on definite questions. Furthermore, Stephanie  presents the material in an easy to follow format.

♦Stephanie provides a special late May set of exam predictions, exclusively for those who attend the course.

♦’Another brilliant Chemistry revision day from Stephanie today in Cork. I admire her energy and enthusiasm.  She has a great way of explaining all chemistry concepts on the course in a student friendly manner, memorable, fun and informative’–  Joanne Hamilton, Teacher, Boherbue Cork

The Invaluable Revision Book

Each student gets a 160 page Revision Book containing this set of super exam aids.

·         Comprehensive notes on each topic  and they are covered with the 2018 paper in mind.

·         And a complete set of Mandatory Practical write-ups with sample results and calculations.

·         Plus flow charts and one-page memory pages for easy revision.

Each section includes past exam paper questions and solutions. And, what’s more, there is particular focus on sample paper answers that are not available on

Students say the most helpful aspect of the course is how Stephanie presents the Maths section in a user friendly form to make it as easy as possible.

Stephanie provides Exam Tips and strategies for successful Exam Preparation throughout the day.

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