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Next Leaving Cert Biology Revision Day is 2020

Leaving Cert Biology: Simply the Best Revision Course Available

 This do-it-in-a-day revision course addresses the more challenging aspects of all three Units.
I attended  the biology revision day in DCU St. Pats on March 10th 2019 which I found very helpful‘- Cáit Heneghan

We get to the heart of the Leaving Cert exam.

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Praise from teachers and students

What can you expect from the lecture day?

Biology Leaving Cert Course♦The topics include genetics, respiration, photosynthesis, enzymes, ecology, human and plant biology.
♦Moreover, the lecturers make clear the link between the syllabus and current issues. These issues include antibiotic resistance, environmental issues and genetic engineering. Linking these topics is a key to success at Higher Level Leaving Certificate Biology.
♦Furthermore, the course gives you sample questions and answers.
These include some that are not accessible to other students.
Stephanie Ledwith and Marie Therese Molloy are the lecturers
♦They have taught  Higher Level Leaving Cert Biology for over 30 years (combined). 2020 will be the seventh year for this highly successful partnership to deliver the Biology Lecture Days. ♦Stephanie and Marie Therese promise a fun and informative day.  They provide insights  and tips on how to achieve top grades.  Their lecturing styles turn learning into a joy. What more could you ask for?
Click here to view the Programme for Biology 2020
Praise from teachers and students

♦Our Leaving Cert Biology Revision Course students regularly achieve H1.  One of these, Saorise Pagel  in 2016, won the gold medal  that the Institute of Biology of Ireland awards to the top Leaving Cert Biology student in Ireland.   She has highly  praised the two lecturers and the Lecture Book: “The revision day I attended earlier this year was definitely a huge help. As well as that,  I constantly used “Biology Today” in the run-up to the exam. And that’s because it often provided an easier explanation for certain topics”.

Teachers are also highly impressed.“Thank you very much for all your help at the lectures last week. I just wanted to email and say the students had a fantastic day. They all learned a great deal at your Leaving Cert Biology Day. I will be recommending you to teachers in different schools. I will also send students again in the future. The notes they received are of an outstanding standard, thank you “- Gavin Kenny of Avondale community College on  Biology Day 2017 at the Royal College of Surgeons.

The Invaluable Revision Book, “Biology Now”

Students receive a book of comprehensive notes. These notes are used during the lecture and for exam revision.
• They contain easily accessible helpful one page study aids. 
• In addition they are an invaluable one page guide to success in the exam paper.
• Also, they contain complete set of Mandatory Experiments (including results and conclusions).

Summary of your benefits  if you attend the Leaving Cert Biology Revision Day

Finally, this one day experience provides an opportunity for you to experience the Biology course from a unique perspective.
Also, you will gain confidence in your revision of all units.
Additionally, you will  improve  your exam technique, thereby answering Biology questions succinctly and completely.

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