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Leaving Cert HL Accounting

Leaving Cert HL Accounting  Lecture Day 2020

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Do  you want to achieve your best in the Leaving Cert Accounting Exam?

Each student will get one comprehensive booklet which will contain questions, worked solutions, theory and other relevant information.
    • We go through nine full Leaving Cert Accounting questions on the Lecture Day.
    • We discuss at length the important EXAM points and deal with any queries or problem areas that students may have.
    • On the day we will also discuss specific approaches and techniques to help students  maximise their marks from the Accounting exam.
    • Our questions are more comprehensive than Leaving Certificate Accounting questions: excellent revision material.
  • Extra questions in Leaving Cert Accounting provided in the booklets
  • The lecturers are Margaret Mullooly and Denis O’Donovan

We run a full revision day in Higher Level Leaving Cert Accounting in three different centres.
We have Trinity College, Dublin; Athlone Institute of Technology and Mary
Immaculate College, Limerick.

One Invaluable Revision Book for Leaving Cert Accounting

The booklet is organised into questions and theory, followed by
solutions and workings. This facilitates optimum revision by students as they can
have easy and quick reference when practicing questions on Leaving Cert Accounting.

Our questions tend to be more comprehensive than questions from the Leaving Certificate and as such are excellent revision material.

AccountingWe also provide extra questions in the booklet.

If a student can complete the questions in the Booklet in the relevant time allowed we are absolutely confident that he/she could not be better prepared for their Accounting Exam.

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