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What you get on our LCH Economics Revision Day

What you get on our LCH Economics Revision Day

Michael Ruane’s annual Economics Revision Day has become compulsory for the LC Economics student who wants to be fully prepared for the HL Economics exam.  Economics Revision Day, current topic

The current economic issues that are not covered in any of the textbooks are all covered in this one day Economics Revision Day  and in the accompanying up to date ‘Economics Now’ booklet.

Michael has developed the Economics Revision day and the detailed ‘Economics Now’  booklet over many years. The Economics revision day as a course is engaging and entertaining and Michael manages to intertwine current economic facts and figures with the main macroeconomic and microeconomic topics that are on the LC course.

The Economics revision day has grown hugely popular with teachers and students in recent years. Teachers who accompany a class group are welcome to attend with their Economics students.
Attendance is essential for the many economic students throughout the country who are studying economics as an extra subject without the guidance of a teacher.

Online support is provided for all attendees on the online learning platform of the course in the 5 months between the course itself and the day of the LC exam. on the online learning platform, Edmodo. Book now to avail of this exclusive opportunity.
For instance on Brexit, Michael says:

How many times a day do you now hear the term “Brexit“?
Do you understand what it means? Do you why the UK voted to leave the EU? Do you see that it will have and is probably already having an impact on your life?
49% of those who voted, voted to to stay and 51% voted to leave. Do you know that many older voters voted to leave and turned out to vote and many younger voters wanted to stay but didn’t bother to vote?
The EU is based upon a number of foundation stones – freedom of trade and free movement of people. The free movement of people was the main reason many voters voted to leave. 
The UK (and every other EU country) cannot put any restriction on migrants from other EU member states coming to its country to live, work or study as long as it is an EU member.

500 EU citizens were moving to live and work in the UK every day in the 12 months coming up to the vote. Politicians such as Nigel Farage of UKIP stoked fears among British people that the UK had lost control on the numbers coming to live and work in the UK and this was the number one reason many people gave to leaving the EU – by leaving the EU the UK would be able to control and restrict inward migration. Farrage also suggested that terrorists were getting in due to the UKs membership of the EU…

And here’s a link to a very current news article on positive impact of Brexit on Ireland:

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