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Exam Resources for Leaving Cert

Excellent Exam Resources for Leaving Cert
Exam Resources for Leaving Cert

We invite students to avail of some free exam resources. The links are below. In addition, we invite you to browse the various subject pages elsewhere on the website. In fact, our main service is a series of one-day revision courses. Hence the title of our website!

Of course these exam resources listed below are just a fraction of the material available. So, to get more, you just book one or more of our Leaving Cert one-day courses.  Furthermore, during these one-day courses we provide methods and material for smart exam preparation. And, as you might expect, the emphasis is on skill development.

In addition to free resources, in some subjects you need a password to open certain documents that we provide for those who attend the lectures. In those cases, students get the password to the extra resources at our Lecture Days.

Please read a special note about our courses below the links

Exam Resources by Subject

A Note on our Courses

All course participants receive a Comprehensive Lecture and Revision book. This book helps to put students in control of their exam preparation. They are substantial:  A4 books of between 140 to 210 pages, depending on the subject. For instance, the book ‘English Now’ consists of 210 pages. But there are lots of extra digital resources beyond that book. And the exam resources for Comparative texts are supplied by email. So, the totality of resources goes beyond what is on the website or the 210 page book.
And in all cases, these unique REVISION BOOKS are full of inspiring new ideas, precise notes, impressive samples and exam tips. Some of the latter are uploaded by the Lecturer in late May or early June. This resource will be password protected in 2020.

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