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English Revision Aids for Leaving Cert 2020

Revision Aids for Leaving Cert English current academic year

Revision Aids for Leaving Cert English 2020

Where a password is required, use the code, 3 words from Hamlet, found on the contents page of the lecture-day book. Make sure to include the two spaces in the password phrase.

In addition, you may find some extra notes and reflections on our blog posts.

If you would like to obtain access to all our English Revision Aids, including the comparative resources  plus a 200 page revision book, ‘English Now‘, just book an English lecture day. Use the booking windows on the right of this page.

Paper One HL English Revision Aids

Sample Answer Text 1 Comprehending A (ii) 2019

Click here for a good example of a Descriptive Essay, with commentary

To improve your skill at writing short stories click and read this exquisite example from The New Yorker 

Click here to read an entertaining insight in to his writing process by a writer

To read and analyse a sample 2012 Paper 1 LC Essay click here

Paper Two HL English Revision Aids

Hamlet Revision Aids

Lists of Key Quotes for two themes in Hamlet Free Download

A Quotes Resource on Ophelia and Gertrude plus a sample essay on them

Act 1 Sc i – passworded
Act 1 Sc ii –  passworded
Act 1 Sc iii –  passworded
Act 1 Sc iv – free
Act 1 Sc v – free

Act 2 Sc i – passworded
Act 2 Sc ii – passworded

Act 3 sc i – passworded
Act 3 sc ii – passworded
Act 3 sc iii – passworded
Act 3 sc iv – passworded

Act 4 sc i – passworded
Act 4 sc ii – passworded
Act 4 sc iii – passworded
Act 4 sc iv – passworded
Act 4 sc v – passworded
Act 4 sc vi – passworded
Act 4 sc vii – passworded

Act 5 sc i – passworded
Act 5 sc ii – passworded

Comparative Revision Aids

For 2020 we supply schematic resource notes on Literary Genre and Cultural Context for all popular texts and any text that an attending group  request. Furthermore, we provide mode notes on 30+ texts. 

Poetry Revision Aids

Eavan Boland

A Critical Reading of The Pomegranate

Emily Dickinson

Pages from Emily Dickinson Presentation 2020 passworded in 3 words

Adrienne Rich

Sample LC style Essay on Rich’s poetic journey to find herself (passworded

Diving into the Wreck-a reading  (passworded as on contenst page of book)

Eileán Ni Chuileanaín
Eileán Ni Chuileanaín for Lecture Day Students 2020   

D H Lawrence

D H Lawrence Poetry Section for Lecture Day Students 2020

The programme and booking facility  for the lecture day is available on the right side of this page or via the ‘Subject Search’ button.

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