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Descriptive Essay-inspirational aesthetic writing

Descriptive Essay-inspirational aesthetic writing

Imagine being asked to write a descriptive essay centered on a pet.  How do you expand beyond the creature in order to make it interesting, insightful and personal? And how do you avoid coming across as childish or immature in how you explore the topic?

Descriptive Essay

How can you write a good descriptive essay on one of these?


The link below connects to a very engaging personal and descriptive essay in The Irish Times of 28/03/2018. To read it is to enjoy, to admire and to improve your know how for writing an enjoyable descriptive essay. It is as important for the writer to enjoy writing one as it is for the reader to enjoy reading it.

Here is an extract that may entice you follow the above link to the full descriptive essay.
Note the playful use of language, the invention of a word, the evocative use of adjectives.
The extract shows you how to write and use an anecdote in a  manner that blends in with the style of the descriptive essay.
Pick out the similes, the funny use of dialogue, and the words that convey the personality of the pet.
Contemplate the skilful way tension is built up and other enjoyable examples of the use humour:

Once, a fox tried to eat our complacent, docile and slightly overweight cat Mabel. It stalked up toward her silkily in the long grass, scudding like a rusty little boat, its vulpine face anticipating an easy lunch as Mabel, her blue grey belly exposed to the July sun, lay on the grass obliviously, spreading gently at her edges.

We had to run outside, shouting and waving our arms about in order to convince the fox that Mabel, meaty though she may be, wasn’t worth the effort. She was far from grateful, of course. Startled by the shouting, she rolled haughtily to her dainty little feet, ignorant of the russet streak of the fox returning in a flash from whence it came. “I was napping, you inadequate clots”, her round, teddyish face seemed to say as she waddled haughtily off into the shrubs. I forgive her haughty manner, as a rule. She is, after all, an English cat.

Now, consider clicking the link and enjoying the full essay in The Irish Times.

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