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Art auction prank leads to values being questioned

Art auction prank leads to values being questioned

The Art of the Prank

Read and create: do you remember your greatest prank? How excited were you in trying to pull it off?
Focus on Paper 1 skills
Question B task 1: write a narrative account of it, suitable for a blog. Capture the excitement of planning and executing the prank, describe the reaction to it and provide a hint of the next trick you are planning.

Is Graffiti a type of anti-social prank?

What is your view of graffiti art? Is it just a joke at society’s expense or is it serious art? In the Leaving Cert students are often tasked with writing about values!  Does everything in life come down to money?

Image is form the Guardian website showing Banksy's great prank

Art Auction Prank from the Guardian

Here’s a fun account of a prank and how it has set minds racing.
The link below is to an exciting and insightful article from The Guardian about an artist who pulled a great prank in which he said a big ‘no’ to money! He, in effect, shredded a million pounds. Or did he? Is it self-sabotage or art terrorism? Read before you jump to a conclusion.
Always inform yourself before you make up your mind. Do so by at least reading this article and discussing it with your friends. Look at some examples of graffiti on line and discuss the intention behind them.

Focus on Paper 1 skills
Question B task 2: compose a review of your favourite piece of graffiti. Take into consideration the suitability of its location, the main message you take from it and its impact on members of the public. The review should be composed as a podcast.

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