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Leaving Cert Lecture Days: Revision-Exam Paper Skills-Confidence

Leaving Cert Lecture Days – Inspiring Revision and Notes

“Inspiring Revision Beats a Whole Year’s Grinds.” (a student endorsement)
We enable students to  REVISE thoroughly in an exam focused manner.
LCLDS will prepare you and help you to complete that preparation with confidence.
Our highly qualified teachers provide you with the added benefit of exam answering skills.
Timing, exam choice and figuring out the tasks in questions are the essential skills.
LCLDS provides the essential expert help in these three areas.


What We, LCLD, Do

– We give inspiring Revision Days in 11 Subjects plus Top Class Books of Notes in Each Subject
– LCLD gets to the Heart of what’s involved in each Exam – and surprising quickly
– We Do – It – In – A- Day ( “an unforgettable day!”)


What Happens on a Lecture Day?

The Lectures

We give one day (6-7 hours) to each subject. Our Teachers are highly experienced in teaching  and examining.  One has experience at Chief Advising Examiner Level.
LCLD  provide highly structured learning days with professional registration and clear timetables.

The Books of Notes

Two books from the 2017 set

Our Revision and Books of Exam Preparation Notes range between 120 and 220 A4 pages.
There is a unique subject book for each course day.
The Lecture day book gives detailed method instructions and course content for each subject.
These books, in conjunction with the lecture day, give the student agency in their own revision and learning.
Our lecture books are exclusive to LCLD and are distributed only at our lecture days.

The Venues We Use

Our Revision Days are held in a University, if available. These venues give our                     students a taste of university life and stimulates them in goal-setting.
Otherwise  we use high quality hotel conference facilities.

Who Are Leaving Cert Lecture Days ?

The Founders of Leaving Cert Lecture Days are Philip Campion and Declan O’Neill.

Declan is an experienced secondary teacher who served as Chief Advising Examiner in English for the State Examinations Commission. Declan has written several second level textbooks for publication.

Philip is an experienced secondary teacher and examiner.  Philip has done subject and exam related broadcasts on RTE radio. He has written second level textbooks for publication.

Philip and Declan have given  Leaving Cert Revision and Preparation Days and Notes since 2001 all over Ireland.

The lecturers in the ten other subjects are true experts in their subjects and subscribe to our highest teaching and revision standards. Their revision notes books are highly sought after.



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