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Leaving Cert Revision at the Exam Clinic

 “Brilliant Value, Beats a Whole Year’s Grinds”

Welcome to the exam clinic for Leaving Cert Revision!
Philip Campion and Declan O’Neill have been analysing how the Leaving Cert is marked for 20 years.
Leaving Cert Lecture Days service is rooted in our experience with the LC exams and the classroom.
We promise high-performance teaching that inspires and brings out the best in students.
Our very experienced lecturing team brings each subject to life in venues throughout Ireland.
So, are you motivated by highly effective teaching methods 
that tell you how to study and that get you the best possible results
If so, Leaving Cert Lecture Days has the ultimate and probably best value solution for you!
These exam clinics will improve your knowledge, your time management and your answering.
And you take away a unique Leaving Cert revision book: ‘English Now’, ‘Biology Now’ etc.
Remember:  these are Affordable and Highly Trusted Leaving Cert Revision Days.
I recently attended your English revision day in NUIG and loved it. I found it really eye opening‘. Kayleigh McWalter March 2018
Our mission: to strengthen your motivation, to give you confidence, skills and know-how.

To view details about a subject and book a Leaving Cert Revision day,
scroll and click below if you’re on a phone, click on the upper right side if you’re on a computer.

What do students gain on the Lecture Day?

  • Inspired teaching-thorough revision of all key exam sections in a day
  • Comprehensive Exam Revision Book with up to 200 pages for each subject 
  • Discover smart ways to learn your subjects
  • Avail of free online and extra digital  resources
  • Make up for lost time during a busy Sixth Year  
  • Boost your confidence and learn the key exam skills

The comfortable lecture theatres/venues we hire are centrally located in towns and cities.

Suggestion for Subject Package Discount.

Arrange a package of six or more bookings in one or more subjects among friends.
Then, we will refund between €10 and €25 per individual booking.
And to inquire about a package, a group rate and a unique group code ,
email us at .
Or use the Contact Form.
Our customer service phone number is  0857474969.

English HL, French HL, Irish HL, Economics HL, Biology HL, Chemistry HL  Spanish, Accounting, Business and Physics HL.

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