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Leaving Cert Revision Days this March

 “Brilliant Value, Beats a Whole Year’s Grinds”

This website is the doorway to highly successful Leaving Cert Revision in 2018.
We provide a full day of  lectures for each subject along with comprehensive  Leaving Cert revision books.
Thus, we  offer focused preparation and great exam techniques.
Essentially, we show you how to use what you know with confidence.
We  provide invaluable  knowledge. great exam tips and a pathway to success.
  1. Click the links on the right side of this page for Leaving Cert Revision  Programmes and Booking facility.
  2. To book a Leaving Cert Revision course, use the drop down windows to the right of each subject page.

Each student gets:

  • Inspired teaching-thorough revision of all key exam sections in a day
  • Comprehensive Exam Revision Book for each subject with up to 200 pages
  • Learning how-to-learn your subjects
  • Avail of free online and extra digital  resources
  • Make up for lost time during a busy Sixth Year  
  • Boost your confidence and skill in any subject 
6th Years: form a group of six or more and get up to €25 off per subject (varies)  for each student. Contact for a unique group code

English HL, French HL, Irish HL, Economics HL, Biology HL, Chemistry HL  and Physics HL.

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