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Leaving Cert French HL Revision Day 2019

Preparation and Revision Day for Leaving Cert French

Declan Webb’s  intensive Leaving Cert French revision day provides an overview of language skills needed for each section of the Leaving Cert French Exam.  There is a strong emphasis on the skills and approaches that students can learn from Leaving Cert marking schemes.


The first focus of the lecture day is on vital grammar knowledge.
Secondly, Declan Webb will help students achieve readiness for the oral examination which follows shortly after the lecture day in schools.
Then the emphasis moves to reading comprehension followed by a thorough presentation on written production.
Finally, the day concludes with a breakdown of the marks awarded in the Higher Leaving Cert French exam. This session includes special exam tips.
Click here to view the French HL course 2019
Teachers have been very impressed by the lecture day:

Susan Ducie teacher from Our Lady’s College Greenhills Drogheda strongly complimented lecturer Declan Webb : ‘Our students were impressed’

“All went very well today…really well organised and ran very smoothly…Inspirational.” Maureen Dineen French Teacher Rosscarbery.

Praise from a student:

“I’d like to thank the organisers of the French course in Dublin. It was very informative and I’ve achieved a better understanding of the Leaving Cert course as a whole.Also, the Book of Notes is very helpful and I use it regularly while revising French”Thank you, Stephen Morris, Summerhill College, Sligo 

The Leaving Cert French book, ‘French Now’

All the content of the day is contained in a comprehensive book of Leaving Cert French Revision Notes, ‘French Now’. ‘French Now’ is available only at Declan Webb’s lecture days. This unique book will serve as a vital tool for students to put them in control of preparation for the  exam in June.

The Passion and Exceptional Qualifications of the Lecturer

Declan Webb has presented the Leaving Cert Lecture Days in French for over a decade. He has fifteen years experience of teaching French. As well as teaching experience at second & third level, he worked also in private industry for some years, in translation & training.
 Declan holds a degree in Applied Languages, a Masters degree in French & a PhD in Linguistics. Furthermore, he is the author of the French Leaving Cert oral book ‘Exprimez-vous‘ & grammar book ‘Clé à la grammaire’.
His true passion is for languages, speaking 6 languages fluently & others at varying levels.

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