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Leaving Cert Business HL Revision Day March 2019

The Leaving Cert Business Lecture Day TCD & AIT 2019

Leaving Cert Business Revision
This is a one day intensive revision seminar for Leaving Cert Business Higher Level. It is delivered by Maighread Finn, as seen on, and Joe Stafford,  experienced and inspiring teachers, who have been delivering the Leaving Cert Business Revision course annually for a number of years. Joe Stafford is the author for ‘It’s the Business‘ Edco.

Maighread and Joe cover  Units 3, 4 and 5 in one day which is smart use of  your time  and cuts down on revision costs.

The course has six lectures each focusing on the key units of study needed for the 2018 Applied Business Exam Question.

The Leaving Cert Business Programme

8:45 –   9:00             REGISTRATION.

9:05 – 10:00             Categories of Industry. Government, Business & Economy.

10:05 – 11:00             The European Union. Exam Technique.

11:05 – 12:00             Identifying Opportunities / Break-Even Analysis.

                                    Getting Started & Business Expansion.


12:00 – 12:45              LUNCH. (Not provided)


12:45 –   1:40              International Trading Environment/International Business. 

1:45 –   2:40              Marketing & Applied Business Question (Units 5, 6 & 7).  

2:40 –   3:30              Community Development. Social Responsibility & Business. 

The course will also highlight important areas of study and will focus on effective revision techniques in preparation for the exam.

There will also be focus on how to prepare and structure exam answers in order to maximize marks.

While the ABQ is a key element of the day, Maighread and Joe will cover all aspects of the leaving cert examination, including key work on short and long questions.

The Invaluable Revision Book

In addition to 6 lectures, students attending will receive a comprehensive booklet containing notes and past examination questions along with examination trends and diagrams.


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