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Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths Revision

Higher Level Maths Revision days 

Selected topics from Paper 1 and Paper 2 Higher Level Maths

The Lecturer
We are delighted to include the services of a highly accomplished teacher of Higher Level Maths, Mark Campion with twenty years dedication to building his students potential in Maths.
Mark is keen to draw together all the different aspects of the Higher Level Maths course including the challenge of complex problems and the manner in which the various topics are interlinked. He gives his students the essential key to success – self-belief.
Mark believes in building students’ confidence to attain excellence at Higher Level Maths.
Over the years, his Higher Level Maths students have been won over by his sharp intellect, his unique, highly appealing teaching methods and his intense focus on important key topics.

Read more about the revision day after the two programmes for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

There will be two venues, Tralee and Dublin, with Paper 1 on the first weekend of March and Paper 2 on the final weekend of the term, near the end of March.

LC Higher Level  Maths Revision: PAPER 1   
Higher Level Maths solutions

Ada Lovelace, effectively wrote the first computer programme in 1843

9.15 to 10.45 Functions and algebra
10.45 Break
11 to 12 Geometric series and applications in Financial Maths
12 to 1 Differentiation basics

1pm  Lunch for one hour

2 to 3.30 Advanced differentiation and integration
3.30 Break
3.45 to 4.30 Longer questions that tie in a bit of everything.

Higher Level Maths Tuition

Three weekends later:



LC Higher Level Maths Revision: PAPER 2

9.15 to 10.45 Trigonometry
10.45 Break
11 to 12 Probability
12 to 1 Coordinate Geometry

1pm  Lunch for one hour

2 to 3.30 Statistics with probability
3.30 Break
3.45 to 4.30 Longer questions that tie in a bit of everything.


The Revision Day
This revision day will provide students with very diverse material that will give them an excellent foundation for doing the Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths exams. A unique feature of this revision course is that it will allow students work with novel and well-researched questions.

Mark’s lecture day will be accompanied by a comprehensive selection of Leaving Cert standard questions with fully worked solutions for each topic covered on the day. The Maths Revision and Lecture book, ‘Maths Now’, will offer further resources to support other aspects of the course, in a question based approach.



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