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Durcan’s themes-an extract from LCLD resources

durcan's themes

Durcan’s themes-an extract from LCLD resources

Love and Marriage is one  Durcan’s themes that we explore in our resources, this is just a taster.
durcan's themes

Poetry Revision

[Durcan’s themes, from our Revision Book, ‘English Now’, available free to all who attend our lecture days in English]

Love and Marriage

“…poems about the break-up of a marriage so intense they would hurt if they weren’t also possessed of the healing gifts of truthfulness and humour.”

We look to Nessa and The Difficulty that is Marriage to find an example of Durcan’s themes, the theme of new love with Nesa and its eventual demise in the breakdown of the marriage.

The first poem, Nessa, fizzes with romance and excitement in the plunge into love. The metaphor of the whirlpool underlines the riskiness of relationships as well as the power of desire to knock you off your feet, And I very nearly drowned.

There’s a nice irony, a comic touch, in the adverb ‘nearly’ in the next pair of lines:

Take off your pants, she said to me,
And I very nearly didn’t 

Durcan’s themes are frequently laced with such mischief.

The poem narrates the early progress of their love in light-hearted terms and the very name of the hotel, Shangri-La, suggests the magical origin of the relationship.

Images of water, the Irish Sea, and the well,

She took me by the index finger
And dropped me in her well.

hint at life’s origins in water as well as it’s dangers.

In the second poem on the relationship with Nessa, the tone and … [EXTRACT ENDS]

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