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English Higher Level Exam Resources and Samples 2018

LC English Revision Resources for 2018Resource on Robert Frost

Check the links below for revision resources available in Higher Level English.   Some of these are free samples, others are extra resources for those who have attended a LC English Preparation Day. Where a password is necessary, the password is provided on the day of the Lectures. Some extra short notes and reflections are to be found in our blog post.

To get it all, including the comparative resources you need plus a 200 page revision book, ‘English Now‘, just book an English lecture day. Use the booking windows on the right of this page.

Click here to learn about Leaving Cert Lecture Days Comparative Resources

Click here to view Literary Genre Sample Resource on King Lear 2018

NEW: Click here to view a typical Cultural Context 2018 Resource

New: Click here to view sample single text resource on The Great Gatsby

Click here to download The Great Gatsby Resource 1: Single Text Questions Analysed  (password req.)

Click here to download The Great Gatsby Resource 2: Various Notes  (password req.)

Click here to download a list of 10 important quotes from Lear with Reflective Questions

Click here to download  WORKSHEET 1  on Lear’s Journey as a Father

Click here to download SOLUTION 1: 10  important quotes and reflections on Lear’s Journey as a Father

Click here to download the full syllabus for Leaving Cert 2018

Click here uto download a keyquotes resource on Chapter 11 of Death and Nightingales

Click here to download a resource  on Robert Frost’s poem ‘Out Out’ -password required

Click here to read and analyse a sample 2012 Paper 1 LC Essay

Click here to view a Comprehending B Sample answer analysed

Click here to view an article and practise Comprehension A skills

Click here for Poetry Resource: Three Themes in Montague in Quotes

Click here for short note on verbal music in some of Frost’s poems



Available for a limited time.
You need Adobe Reader to view the notes.

The programme and booking facility  for the lecture day is available on the right side of this page or via the ‘Subject Search’ button.


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